7 Ways to Beat Winter Depression


In the winter, magic is in the air — but not for everyone. If you’re stuck at home, grumpy and tired, it’s likely that you’re suffering from so-called winter depression.

Cold temperatures force us to be less productive and energetic. As a result, we feel stressed and unmotivated to do anything. But not to worry, we have your back. And here are some ways to ward off those winter blues.

Reduce blue light.

Your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) gets messed up because of blue light. Your melatonin release slows down when you’re exposed to the light for a long time. If you’re glued to your phone before bed, you will wake up feeling tired and groggy. Blue light can be found in gadgets like your phone, computer, TV, and even your not-so-harmless e-reader. Make sure you put your technology away at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Get dressed up for no reason.

Not taking care of yourself when you’re feeling your worst is a common mistake people make. Not only do you feel depressed but messy as well. Pick a nice outfit that you really like, practice some skincare, and do your hair. At the end of this self-care ritual, you’ll feel put together and more motivated to go about your day.

Dance like crazy.

If you can’t describe your emotions with words, do it through movement. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone as you exercise and boost your mood. Dancing releases endorphins (the happy hormones) that help you ward off depression. Besides, dancing can be a nice break from boring tasks.

Create a vision board.


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