8 Laundry Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Washing Machine


A washing machine is one of the most necessary home appliances. However, it can be really moody and it needs lots of good care. Because if something goes wrong, the neighbors living below you won’t be too happy. And very often, it’s our fault when a washing machine breaks down because we don’t follow the instructions or go against the rules.

We at Bright Side want to tell you about the things we do that can damage our washing machines. We hope that our readers follow all the rules and use their washing machines carefully. And in the bonus section, we’re going to tell you why and for how long washed laundry can sit inside the washing machine.

We use too much detergent.

A lot of people think that the more detergent they use, the better the result of the wash will be. However, this isn’t true, and even manufacturers themselves say that. Using too much detergent can only lead to big problems, like, for example, excess foam that can block the drainage.

Additionally, the excess detergent can clog the drawer, preventing the detergent from even getting to your clothes, causing them to remain dirty.

We wash underwear and socks without bags.

According to statistics, most washing machine-related problems are about the drum. A wash bag can guarantee that after washing, you’ll have the exact same number of socks as you put in there. And small objects won’t get into the filter and cause it to break. Also, your clothes will be safe because no small parts will get stuck in the drum.

We don’t clean the filter or do it too rarely.

Filters in washing machines are really important. They collect all the little things that actually shouldn’t be there, like coins, scrunchies, and other stuff. You should clean the filter 4 times a year, or even more often, if there’s a bad smell or if the machine doesn’t do its job properly.


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