8 Survival Tips to Use When One Second Decides It All


In a matter of seconds, you can go from swimming calmly to getting into trouble in the water. It’s important to assess a dangerous situation, and then to react to it. There are many risky situations we can get ourselves into, and knowing how to quickly survive in the face of danger is the absolute key.

Although we hope you don’t find yourself in the middle of any threatening emergencies, we understand that unusual circumstances are bound to happen when we least expect them.

1. How to survive getting caught in a riptide

Unfortunately, knowing how to swim doesn’t mean that you are secure in an environment like the sea. If you feel like a riptide is way too strong and you can’t swim, flip on your back and float. This way, you can rest your body as you catch your breath.

2. How to stanch bleeding

This is a proven trick used by athletes, especially in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) tournaments. If you happen to get a cut, clean it, apply pressure to the scrape, and, with clean hands, smear a coat of petroleum jelly to stop it from bleeding. If possible, cover the wound with gauze pads and tape.

3. How to successfully survive a tornado in the sea

Generally, we are advised to look for a basement in the case of a tornado, but if you are on the water, that is practically impossible. If you are in the open sea and observe a tornado coming, move in a perpendicular direction in order to get away from it.

4. How to survive a piranha infested river

If you find yourself in an Amazonian river full of piranhas, don’t make any noise (to refrain from attracting more of them). Because these fish live in shallow water, protect your hands and feet and swim into deeper and colder water.


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